Three Family Members Are Charged in a Fight Caught on Camera at Disneyland

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Three adults were charged in connection with a family fight that was caught on camera earlier this month at Disneyland’s Toontown. Some witnesses tried to break up the fight and others looked on in amazement during the July 6 brawl. Video of the fight, which was shared on social media, showed family members throwing punches, hair-pulling and yelling at each other.

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The disturbing video shows two men and two women pushing, punching and shoving one another while guests looked on. The Anaheim Police Department reported this was a “family incident” with all parties members of the same group at the park. During the incident, which lasted approximately five minutes, children and strollers were pushed out of the way while the family’s grownups did battle in front of Goofy’s house in the cartoon land.

There was nothing comical or PG about the loud and harsh display. One of the women was seen on film spitting in a man’s face. He then began hitting at her and another man, the video shows. Within 30 seconds, Disneyland cast members, both at the attraction and a member of the custodial staff, called for security backup. Meanwhile, cooler heads attempted to prevail but the fight between the men and women continued to escalate for another four minutes of video.

The incident culminated with one woman being knocked to the ground. Guests attempted to intervene and pulled one man off a woman as he punched her repeatedly.

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Mickey and the gang will remain in the park for meet and greets after Feb. And the roller coaster will return as part of the new circus-themed Dumbo mini-land within the Magic Kingdom’s new Fantasyland , which is scheduled to debut in Scale model of the new Dumbo section of the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland expansion. Photo courtesy Disney.

On the west coast, Disney’s making construction changes, too. And Brian is ticked that there’s no ‘B’ in California The next day, Disney begins construction on the front plaza of that park, which will ultimately result in a new front gate that will look very much like the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Nightmare in Toontown: Family fight in Disneyland ends in horror

By Anita Bennett. A husband and wife recorded in a violent July brawl at Disneyland failed to appear in court this week for their arraignment. Andrea Nicole Robinson, 40, and husband Daman Petrie, 44, were scheduled to answer to a string of charges on Monday, Sept. However, the Compton couple missed their pretrial hearing in Fullerton, California. Robinson is facing four misdemeanor charges of battery for allegedly attacking her brother Avery, his girlfriend, and a Disneyland employee.

He faces five felony charges and nine misdemeanors.

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But there’s trouble in Toontown!

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But perhaps most importantly, it introduced the world to the playful, mischievous, trouble-making, string-tailed mouse bursting with rambunctious personality. In this case, the first land ever added to Magic Kingdom was also the first to disappear. It starts in another Mickey-themed land that briefly called Magic Kingdom home. But let’s start at the beginning Snow White is well remembered as the birth of animation as a modern art form and storytelling medium, kick-starting the Walt Disney Studios and financing their move to a new facility in Burbank, California.

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Disneyland opened in


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Court records show the husband and wife at the center of the disturbance missed their As Deadline reported, the brawl broke out in the middle of Mickey’s Toontown on July 6. Viral video They need their own reality show!

I have read other posts, but im uncertain if the toon town area is closing, or relocating to a different area? Had planned to take my daughter to that area of the park next year, she adores mickey mouse! There doesn’t seem to be anything concrete about the exact date of when Toontown is closing, the latest is that it will close early , so if you’re going in it would think it’ll already be closed by the time you get there.

Toontown’s not going to be relocated but the area will be used for the FLE, again there’s nothing concrete with what’s happening there either!! Mickey and Minnie will of course still feature heavily in MK and in all the parks but it looks like their houses etc won’t Im sept , so looks like it will be gone by then, my daughter will be 2 and a half when we go, ans she would have loved that area!

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