What Emily Osment From ‘Hannah Montana’ Is Up to Now and Why She and Miley Aren’t Real-Life BFFs

After all, think about modern Miley and it all kinda makes sense. It’s almost expected that as Miley and the rest of the cast grew up, they’d get a little edgier with their quips. But parents back then were a bit miffed as to how far things went. Not that we noticed, though. Say “halibut” a few times fast, and you’ll get it. In one scene, Robby Ray says he did something “just for the halibut,” which is actually a mild joke overall.

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Hannah Montana () is about a teenager named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Miley and Jackson’s deceased mother, Susan Stewart. An episode used Command when Lilly and Oliver had discovered that Miley’s boyfriend was​.

Even the most cynical of critics were won over by the charm of Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana is a beloved show with millions of fans. Take this quiz to see how well you remember it! Jackson was the lazy, chubby, idiotic brother of Miley in Hannah Montana. He was always portrayed as a teenager throughout the series, despite the actor Jason Earle being much older. To be fair, the actor never looked too old — he was always convincing as a teenager. Miley was the center of the show from start to finish, but Jackson had a lot of funny jokes and storylines to make him a fan favorite.

Which sibling is the older one of the two? Of course, Hannah Montana was the famous one, the alter ego of mild mannered high school student Miley Stewart who somehow also finds the time to tour the country and perform live and record albums and go on talk shows. Her best friend Lilly Truscott is always there with her, backstage, and she also dons a colorful wig and uses an alias to avoid her true identity getting out.

What is the name that Lilly used as an alter ego? Since the series ended and she began a solo career as a recording artist, Miley Cyrus has been responsible for many hit songs. She was also responsible for a number of hit songs while she was operating under the Hannah Montana alias for the Disney Channel.

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Is Cyrus still friends with her closest Hannah Montana alum? had a close kinship with best friends, Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) and Oliver exclusively with her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, she still maintains friendships with.

After four years of hijinks, squabbles and crazy wigs, Hannah Montana sang its swan song with a — we’ll say it, teary! The episode focused on the longstanding friendship between Miley Miley Cyrus and Lilly Emily Osment , who have made plans to attend Stanford together. Unfortunately, just before orientation, Miley is offered a role in a Steven Spielberg blockbuster opposite Tom Cruise and shooting in Paris. What’s a famous-yet-loyal friend to do? Video: Emily Osment is excited to move on from Hannah Montana.

In the end, both Miley and Lilly make the right choices for each of them, but not without exchanging some tearful words and big hugs — a smart move considering that the girls’ friendship was the heart of the show. Jackson Jason Earles also had a parallel friendship story when his nemesis and frequent antagonist Rico Moises Arias realizes that Jackson is the closest thing to a friend he has. Rico comes through with Jackson’s dream job — a video game tester — good for earning enough money to reciprocate his girlfriend Siena’s Tammin Sursok pricey gifts.

Hannah montana

Hannah Montana ended nine years ago, but the show lives in entertainment infamy. The series that launched Miley Cyrus into superstardom aired on the Disney Channel from Is Cyrus still friends with her closest Hannah Montana alum? Just two short years later, Cyrus shocked Hannah Montana fans. The noticeable changes were part of Cyrus reclaiming her life, sans the Disney Channel filter.

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There are several iconic TV friendships that people think of when describing their relationships to their own best friends. The two were inseparable on the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana , and we knew it was real when Lilly promised to keep Miley’s secret of leading a double life as a pop star in the show’s first episode. The friendship lasted though with a few bumps along the way throughout the entire series, and we hoped that, in some way, the two might have been best friends in real life too.

Emily Osment, who played Lilly, has had a successful career since the show ended, though it might not be as public as Miley Cyrus’s. What happened to Emily Osment? Inside the long-running Freeform show she starred in, her upcoming new show, and if she and Miley were ever friends on Hannah Montana. After her appearances on Disney Channel shows, movies, and songs as a result of her role on Hannah Montana , Emily tried a singing career.

Her debut song collection called All the Right Reasons didn’t peak on the charts, but it did lead Emily to go on tour. Emily went on to record her first official album in , but she continued acting as well. She starred in a few Disney Channel original movies before getting her first series role since Hannah Montana with the Crackle original, Cleaners. It aired for two seasons before getting canceled.

Where are the Hannah Montana stars now?

Ten years ago today March 24 the world met Hannah Montana, the pop star that taught us we could, indeed, have the best of both worlds. With the show’s premiere, Miley Cyrus became a household name, and Disney Channel was never the same. While Miley Stewart Cyrus had to deal with keeping her alter ego a secret, she also grappled with the same struggles most teenage girls face — namely, boys. Cue Jake Ryan Cody Linley , a teen dreamboat who just so happened to be a famous actor.

Linley’s character led an emotional rollercoaster, from his arrogant personality, to romantic moments like his first kiss with Miley, to that dreaded cheating scandal — not to mention the love triangle that inadvertently developed between Jake, Miley, and Jesse Drew Roy. So, what’s it like to play Miley’s TV boyfriend for four years?

Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Hannah Montana movie on Lilly! Why do you read that tabloid trash? They’re nothing but lies. Jackson! it would be the luckiest day of your life if you got to date hannah.

Then this quiz is absolutely right for you! Not to mention that her real dad Billy Ray plays her on-screen dad. The show was so popular they even made a movie afterwards, and had albums released for each season! Truly, Hannah Montana has made a mark on many teenagers worldwide, even garnering the highest ratings of a TV show on Disney Channel. This show has Miley Stewart taking on the name of actual girl Miley Cyrus, so it really is not that hard to remember who the star of the show is.

And though her show mom is not played by her actual mom she is played by Brooke Shields , her show did is her real-life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus! Hannah Montana is definitely a star-studded TV show.

Here’s What The Cast Of “Hannah Montana” Looks Like 10 Years Later

By Kate Samuelson For Mailonline. When Hannah Montana first launched in , no one would have believed that its smiley star would one day be embroiled in more controversies that it is possible to keep track of. But Miley Cyrus is not the only actor in the successful Disney series whose career has taken an unexpected turn.

Truly, Hannah Montana has made a mark on many teenagers Lilly, to Miley’s surprise, takes Jackson’s side, saying she was lying to the world. In this episode, his character wins a bid to date Hannah Montana but is.

Even though Hannah Montana ended nearly six years ago, you still remember every song, alter ego, and exclamation of “Dang flabbit! So when you see the super-adorable mini cast reunion that went down this week, you’re going to lose your dang flabbin’ mind. While out for a hike on Monday in a leafy green locale somewhere near L. Of course, a surprise encounter of that magnitude called for a pic. After the overjoyed duo hugged each other for the camera, Emily tweeted, “Look who I ran into on my hike today!

Look who I ran into on my hike today! DukeofEarles pic. HOLY !

Hannah Montana S02E07 My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

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